What is Nattokinase?

What is Nattokinase?


Your body’s assistive blood cleanser

Nattokinase is an enzyme that was discovered within the popular Japanese food natto, a fermented soybean cheese. It is produced by extracting the enzyme from a fermentation process of the bacteria Bacillus subtilis.

This enzyme is well-researched and known for its ability to dissolve fibrin, a strong protein that assists with the blood-clotting process. In fact, nattokinase has been found to be four times stronger than human plasmin, the native enzyme that breaks down fibrin and blood clots. It also holds the title for the most powerful fibrin-dissolving enzyme.

Let’s look at three health issues which nattokinase has been found to improve: blood clots, blood flow for better cardiovascular health, and blood pressure.

Say No to Blood Clots

Due to its unmatched ability to break down fibrin, nattokinase has the exceptional ability to dissolve blood clots and improve blood flow.

In a clinical study published by the Japan Bio Science Laboratory Co. Ltd, oral supplementation of nattokinase significantly increased the ability of other substances in the bloodstream to break down blood clots for two to eight hours. This was not the case for regular soybean supplementation; the nattokinase enzyme provided the defining benefit in the participants’ bloodstream.

Furthermore, a 2003 study concerning blood clots in the leg, concluded that people who were at risk for clotting and preparing for a long flight – and also orally consumed nattokinase – experienced a significant reduction of blood clots and swelling in their arms and legs.

Flowin’ with the Natto

Nattokinase has an impressive track record for its ability to improve blood flow by breaking down fibrin. This aptly positions it for assisting with cardiovascular concerns, such as arterial plaque build-up and unfavorable cholesterol levels.

Certain cardiovascular problems are caused by reduced blood flow to vital organs. These may be prompted by increased fibrinogen (fibrin’s precursor), plaque (fat) buildup in the arteries, red blood cell clumping which thickens the blood, and blood clots.

The ability of nattokinase to dissolve excess fibrinogen as well as fibrin, makes it a heart-healthy supplement.

Heart Attention: A Nattokinase Clinical Study

In a 2017 clinical trial with over 80 participants who had carotid artery thickness and plaque buildup in the carotid artery (both indicators of atherosclerosis), the group who was given 6,000 FU of nattokinase over a 26-week period experienced a 36.6% reduction in plaque size compared to only an 11.5% reduction for the group who was given 20 mg of a statin.

Both groups noticed lower levels of bad cholesterol (LDL-C), total cholesterol, and triglycerides (fats), however, only the participants who were administered nattokinase were found to have heightened levels of good cholesterol (HDL-C).

These improvements were attributed to the ability of nattokinase to dissolve fibrin and fibrinogen, target thickened arteries and blood clots, and augment the activity of other substances in the body that have similar functions. Additionally, nattokinase is a proven alternative to traditional therapies when addressing cardiovascular risk factors associated with heightened fibrin levels.

Nattokinase Clinical Study Results

  • 36.6% reduction in plaque size
  • Lower levels of bad LDL-C
  • Lower total cholesterol
  • Lower triglycerides (fats)
  • Higher good HDL-C

Show Natto Some Love

Finally, research has shown that nattokinase reduces red blood cell clumping and undesirable blood clots by targeting both fibrin and fibrinogen. The result is improved blood flow. Cleaner blood is better for your body – and that’s how nattokinase helps to keep your body running in tip-top shape!

Nattokinase: The Lower Pressure Agent

Nattokinase’s ability to restore proper blood flow is one benefit that leads to another: lower blood pressure.

Clinical research by the Japan Functional Food Research Association documented an average 10.9% reduction of systolic blood pressure as well as an average 9.7% for diastolic pressure with nattokinase supplementation, helping to restore proper blood flow.

In another study with 39 individuals whose systolic blood pressure ranged from 130 mmHg to 159 mmHg, participants who were supplemented with nattokinase for 8 weeks, ended up with both lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure, compared to the placebo group. This demonstrates that nattokinase supports healthy blood pressure levels for people with elevated blood pressure approaching out of range.

Why Add Nattokinase to Your Supplement Routine?

According to The Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, nattokinase remains stable in the GI tract and is a safe, strong nutraceutical and dietary supplement without serious adverse side effects.

Whether you’re battling – or susceptible to – clots, elevated blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, stiffened arteries, or excess fibrin build-up, nattokinase is a safe, effective supplement to assist with normal blood flow and fibrin degradation.

Nattokinase Facts

  1. Most powerful fibrin-dissolving enzyme.
  2. Dissolves blood clots.
  3. Restores proper blood flow.
  4. Supports healthy blood pressure levels.
  5. Safe, strong supplement without adverse side effects.

Ready to experience the benefits of nattokinase?

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