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AAMED Affiliate Portal

What is our Affiliate Portal?

The Affiliate Portal (or Portal for short) found here is Arthur Andrew Medical's proprietary website application that gives dropship access as well as a slew of other features to healthcare practitioners and marketing affiliates. Below are just a handful of the benefits that you may find helpful with your business.

Benefits and Features

  • Dropship Capabilities
  • Offer Links
  • Customizable Shopping Cart Widget
  • Regimen Links

Dropship Capabilities

The Portal offers any user account with selling capabilities to create an order for their client that is then processed and shipped by Arthur Andrew Medical. This allows healthcare practitioners and other sellers to offer Arthur Andrew Medical products to their patients and clients without the need to stock product or handle logistical issues. This can help free up cash flow as well as the time it takes managing stock levels and other inventory concerns.

Offer Links

Offer Links are an ideal solution for social media influencers, affiliate marketers, bloggers and more. With the Portal's Offer Link functionality, Arthur Andrew Medical has dramatically improved the way affiliate marketers and other advertisers are tracked by replacing the expected affiliate links and their accompanying data with what we now refer to as Offer Links. Normally, an affiliate link is a specific URL that contains the affiliate's ID or username. When a customer clinks on the link, he or she is taken to the advertiser's website, and if a purchase is made within a specific amount of time, the affiliate receives a certain percentage of the sale. This process is complicated and relies on the web browser to store tracking information such as cookies, and many times browsers reject these little pieces of data in the first place, or users will delete cookies routinely to improve privacy while utilizing the internet.

It is very easy for a customer to eventually purchase from a traditional affiliate link and still have the affiliate miss out on receiving credit. On the other hand, Offer Links take out the need for web browsers to do anything except take the customer to the a specific URL created from within the Portal. Offer links, like affiliate links, are tied to an actual affiliate but work differently. An offer link is a specific URL that contains the affiliate's ID, but this link does not take a purchasing customer to the advertiser's website. In this case, the offer link takes the customer to a custom, mini, single page website (hosted by Arthur Andrew Medical) that is only ever tied to the specific affiliate that created the Offer Link within their Portal account. The customer can visit this custom URL at any time, and purchase as many times as they would like from the link, and the affiliate will always receive credit for any and all purchases. It is impossible for an affiliate that is using an Offer Link to ever miss out on receiving credit for a sale.

Customizable Shopping Cart Widget

Much like Offer Links, the Shopping Cart Widget is tied to a specific affiliate account, but allows the affiliate to place an Arthur Andrew Medical hosted shopping cart on any site they own such as a blog or article that is generating relevant traffic. The cart will operate seamlessly on the affiliate's site, and the customer can purchase without the appearance of leaving the affiliate's site.

Regimen Links

With the current medical landscape and ever expanding use of telemedicine, it is increasingly difficult for Healthcare Practitioners to provide guidance to their patients. It is also difficult to ensure that their product recommendations are being followed or properly communicated. Regimens allows practitioners to send their patients a a prepared order with any notes or details that the provider feels is necessary to ensure patient compliance. The patient can then review these notes and place their order to be delivered directly to their door.

You can find the Portal's Terms and Conditions here.