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My Gut Report

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Know your gut like never before. Use real lab data to optimize your gut health with a personalized gut report.

Have you ever wondered if all the supplements you take are working the best they can for your body?

Maybe you take probiotics because a balanced gut is essential for optimal health. But while some people may feel immediate benefits, others simply don’t.

This leaves the question: is your supplement regimen right for you?

With a My Gut Report test kit, you’ll be on your way to answering this question by learning exactly what’s going on in your gut. Included with your kit is a personalized gut report, which identifies specific bacterial and fungal species and how you compare to the diversity of a normal gut microbiome.

You’ll also get an overall gut health score, along with personalized dietary, lifestyle, and supplemental recommendations from a team of microbiome-trained registered nutritionists to improve your gut health.

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Gut Report Steps

Step 1

Purchase a My Gut Report test kit. You should receive the kit in the mail within 3-5 days. We’ll also send you emails with helpful tips and reminders to keep you informed throughout the entire process.

Step 2

Collect your sample. Follow the instructions in the kit on how to collect your sample. Don’t fret, the sample collection process is clean and simple with the provided cotton swab within your kit.

Step 3

Send in your sample. Follow the instructions in the kit to mail in your stool sample. A prepaid USPS shipping label has been provided for your convenience. It is at this time you will also register your kit at our partner lab’s portal FOUND HERE as well as fill out a lifestyle questionnaire that will assist the registered nutritionists who are reviewing your results and creating your personalized recommendations. NOTE: registering your test kit is required in order to release your results!

Step 4

Review your results and recommendations. You’ll receive your My Gut Report test results through the portal in approximately 4-6 weeks, and our nutritionist will have your recommendations ready in the portal within 2-3 days from that time. From there, you can check your overall gut score and make improvements to your routine based on the personalized recommendations. You’re in total control now!

Smarter gut health is only a click away, so order a My Gut Report today!

Give us a call at 1.800.448.5015 if you have any questions throughout the process, and we will be happy to assist you on your path to health and wellness!


How often should I test my gut microbiome?

Because environmental factors (like stress), diet, and supplement routines can dramatically affect your gut health, we recommend testing at least once a year to monitor progress and overall health.

If you’re making significant changes in order to correct a gut imbalance, you may want to perform the test semi-annually, or even quarterly.

How is Arthur Andrew Medical's My Gut Report different from others?

Arthur Andrew has partnered with BIOHM Testing, a lab at Case Western University which is also affiliated with University Hospital in Cleveland to bring you this accurate and affordable microbiome test kit.

My Gut Report checks for various Candida (yeast) species, unlike most other kits, while also focusing on gut microbiome diversity, including bacterial and fungal organisms, both of which are important for healthy gut diversity. A diverse gut is a healthy gut!

What does a My Gut Report look like?

A sample report can be downloaded below. It will show the format of an actual report as well as the various types of bacteria and fungi that are commonly found in the gut. It will also show examples of the types of lifestyle and supplement recommendations you can expect in your report.

Click Here to view a sample report.

Do I really have to send in a stool sample?

Yep. Sorry to be the bearer of bowel news, but science says that stool samples provide the best specimen for an accurate and thorough evaluation of your gut health. Cheers to technological advances in health and wellness! #checkyourgut #gutchecksuccess #igotagutreport

But don’t worry, our testing process makes it really simple to obtain a sample with the included test swab – and you’ll be thankful you did after seeing your results!

**Are my lab results private?

Yes. Your sample will be processed in a state-of-the-art facility that complies with all HIPAA privacy rules.

What is included in the My Gut Report kit?

The My Gut Report testing kit, which you should receive in the mail within 3-5 days, will include instructions, a test swab (for easy sample collecting), a prepaid USPS shipping label, and a registration card with instructions on how to register your kit. It is important to remember that registration is required in order for our lab to release your results and recommendations.

How and when will I receive My Gut Report?

Approximately 4-6 weeks after sending in a stool sample, you will receive an email that will notify you that the results and recommendations are ready for viewing within our client portal. Note: the test results are delivered as soon as they are ready, and the recommendations will follow within 2-3 days. This is due to the fact that our nutritionists analyze your results in conjunction with your lifestyle questionnaire.

During the 4-6 week processing time, our partner lab will be extracting, identifying, and sequencing the bacterial and fungal strains from your sample in order to generate your results and personalized recommendations. You can view the My Gut Report Timeline here.

What should I do with the information in My Gut Report?

The information in your personalized report will provide recommendations on ways to improve your gut diversity, but it won’t give you a precise prescription. Everybody is different, and every body requires varying amounts of nutrients, supplements, and exercise to function optimally.

That being said, your results will give you detailed information on the levels of specific bacteria and fungi that are in your gut and how you compare to the diversity of a normal gut microbiome. It will also provide you lifestyle and product recommendations from an actual registered nutritionist with ways to maintain or improve the health of your gut.

With this lab data and the tailored recommendations, you will be ready to make meaningful changes toward a balanced gut and overall well-being!

What age range does My Gut Report cover?

The gut report test kit can work for any age. Because so much of our health begins in the gut, it is imperative that young children all the way up to the elderly maintain a proper balance of good and bad bacteria with the goal of a very diverse gut microbiome.

To learn more about probiotics for children, check out SYNTOL KIDS.

For adults, learn more about SYNTOL, our powerful probiotic, prebiotic, and enzyme blend.

I’m already taking probiotics. Why do I need the My Gut Report?

Getting a comprehensive gut analysis is the next step beyond simply taking probiotics and other supplements. Thanks to this relatively easy lab testing, you can uncover exactly what’s going on in your gut and adjust your supplement regimen as necessary.

For example, you may already be taking probiotics with minimal effects, but increasing your dosage could make a world of difference! Or maybe more sleep and exercise is where you need to focus your efforts. Is Candida flourishing in your gut? Have you ever thought about taking a PROBIOTIC MULTIPLIER? This is where the My Gut Report becomes an essential part of a healthy routine.

Real lab results provide the foundation for giving you a personalized plan in order to help you achieve your best health. The report will show gaps in your current regimen and offer suggestions for homing in on an optimal supplement and lifestyle routine that’s made just for you.

What is gut diversity and how does it affect my health?

You may already know that an imbalanced gut has been associated with Candida overgrowth, digestive issues, and overall poor health.

Gut diversity refers to the range of microorganisms that are present in your gut microbiome. This diversity is one of the most significant factors in gut health. The greater the diversity, the better overall digestive health you have.

Our testing kit specifically measures your gut’s microorganism diversity, such as bacteria and fungi. Analyzing your microorganism diversity provides a good basis for determining overall gut health.

Your results will give you an overall gut health score, ranging from 1 to 10, and show how you compare to people with a normal gut balance. A diverse gut is a healthy gut!

Who is Arthur Andrew Medical?

Arthur Andrew Medical is a leading provider of innovative, therapeutic-grade supplements. The company is known for formulating products with the highest quality materials that are well-researched and have a proven safety record. The company’s first product, Neprinol, was the world’s most potent non-animal-derived systemic enzyme when it was launched in 2004 and has garnered worldwide attention.

Since the company was founded in 2003, Arthur Andrew Medical has added 15 supplements to its product line, ranging from women’s and children’s formulas to joint relief, digestive enzymes, and pet products. The company continues to expand with highly effective supplements that provide customers with safe, natural alternatives to invasive treatments. All of Arthur Andrew Medical’s products are vegetarian-friendly, GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the FDA, and comprised of non-GMO ingredients.