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A Comprehensive Guide To Nattokinase

A Comprehensive Guide To Nattokinase

Nattokinase was first identified in Japanese the natto, which is which is a fermented cheese made from soy is extracted by removing this enzyme from the Bacillus subtilis's fermentation process.

The enzyme has been thoroughly studied and is known for its ability for dissolving fibrin which is a key protein that is involved the blood clotting process. Research has revealed that nattokinase can be four times more powerful than human plasmin - which is the native enzyme that breaks down blood clots and fibrin and blood clots. This makes it the most potent fibrin dissolving enzyme available.

Let's look at three health conditions that have been shown to reduce blood clots, improved circulation to improve cardiovascular health, and reduced blood pressure.

Say No to High Blood Viscosity

Nattokinase's remarkable ability to degrade fibrin makes it an best agent to dissolve blood clots and enhancing the flow of blood.

A study of clinical significance conducted by Japan Bio Science Laboratory Co. Ltd discovered the fact that oral supplementation with nattokinase significantly improved the capability of other components in the bloodstream to dissolve blood clots, lasting between two and eight hours, compared to regular soybean supplementation. It is believed that this enzyme had the main benefit to the the bloodstreams of participants.

In addition, a 2003 study on blood clots within the legs revealed that those at risk of clotting consumed nattokinase in a drink prior to embarking for a long flight saw notable reductions both kinds of clots as well as swelling around their legs and arms.

Normal Blood Viscosity and Natto

Nattokinase has shown remarkable results in enhancing blood flow through dissolving fibrin. This is why it is the ideal treatment for cardiovascular problems like arterial plaque build-up and elevated cholesterol levels.

Certain heart problems can be caused by a decreased circulation of blood to organs that are vital. It could be due to the increase in fibrinogen (fibrinogen's precursor) and the build-up of plaque in the arteries and red blood cells clumping that thickens blood or blood clots.

Nattokinase has the distinct capacity to eliminate excess fibrinogen and fibrin, which makes it a heart-healthy and nutrient-rich supplement.

Heart Awareness: A Nattokinase Clinical Study

In a clinical study in 2017 that involved more than 80 participants suffering from carotid artery thickening as well as plaque accumulation (both indications of atherosclerosis) Participants who received 6000 FU of nattokinase for 26 weeks had a reduction in the size of plaques of 36.6 percent compared to 11.5 percent for those who took 20 mg statin.

Both groups showed less bad cholesterol (LDL-C) and total cholesterol, and triglycerides (fats) However only those who took nattokinase experienced an rise in the good cholesterol (HDL-C).

These enhancements were due to the capacity of nattokinase's enzyme to dissolve fibrinogen and fibrin to target arteries with thickened walls and blood clots. It also has the ability to increase the levels of other substances in the body that carry out similar tasks. In addition, it is an effective alternative to conventional therapies for combating the cardiovascular risk caused by elevated levels of fibrin.

Nattokinase Clinical Study Results

  • 36.6% reduction in plaque size
  • Lower levels of LDL cholesterol
  • Lower total cholesterol
  • Lower triglycerides (fats)
  • Greater good HDL-C
  • Show Natto Some Love

The results of studies have shown that nattokinase is a factor in preventing the clumping of red blood cells and blood clots through targeting fibrin and fibrinogen which results in improved blood circulation. A clean bloodstream is better for your body, and that's how nattokinase can keep your organs functioning at their best!

Nattokinase: The Lower Pressure Agent

Nattokinase helps restore blood flow, which can lead to an additional benefit which is less blood pressure.

The clinical research conducted carried out by the Japan Functional Food Research Association revealed an average reduction of 10.9 percent in blood pressure systolic and 9.7 percent in diastolic blood pressure when supplemented with nattokinase, aiding in restoring proper blood flow.

In a different study of 39 people with blood pressures that ranged between 130 and 160 mmHg, those who were taking the nattokinase treatment for eight weeks showed lower diastolic as well as systolic blood pressure than the control group. This indicates that taking nattokinase could aid in maintaining normal blood pressure, even for those with levels nearing those considered to be excessively high.

Why Add Nattokinase to Your Supplement Routine?

As per The Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology the nattokinase enzyme is safe in the GI tract and is a solid nutraceutical and nutritional supplement with no serious adverse effects.

If you're suffering from blood clots and high blood pressure coronary issues and stiffened arteries as well as excessive fibrin accumulation, nattokinase can be an effective and safe supplement that can aid in promoting regular blood flow and decrease fibrin.

Nattokinase Facts

  1. The most powerful enzyme for dissolving fibrin.
  2. It dissolves fibrin clots.
  3. Restores proper circulation.
  4. Supports healthy blood pressure levels.
  5. A safe, powerful supplement that has no side effects known to be associated with it.
  6. Are you prepared to experience the benefits of nattokinase?

Look into these products that can help dissolve fibrin to improve joint mobility, healthier blood circulation, and overall well-being.

Nattovena The power of pure nattokinase supplements to provide strong fibrin-degrading properties.

Neprinol aids in the cleansing of the blood and improves circulation and joint function.

Fibrovera: Helps to promote normal fibrin production by maintaining healthy levels of hormones for women.

2023 Common questions about Nattokinase

Nattovena can be described as an enzyme extracted from the natto plant which is a soy-based dish that has been fermented that originates from Japan that has attracted a lot of interest lately due to its possible benefits to health, specifically ones related to heart health. Since nattokinase supplements are becoming more accessible it is essential to understand where to purchase them and what qualities to look out for when purchasing and how to use them in a safe and effective manner.

Best Source of Nattokinase:

Natto in itself can be the best and powerful source of the enzyme nattokinase. For people who aren't happy with its flavor or texture unpalatable the nattokinase supplement has become popular. When choosing a supplement pick a brand that uses high-quality ingredients that follow strict quality standards throughout production. Make sure to look for supplements that declare they contain nattokinase, a substance that is derived from the natto fermentation process to ensure that you get the most potent enzyme. Nattovena is one of these brands providing this supplement.

What to Look For When Purchasing Nattokinase Supplements:

When selecting Nattokinase products make sure you consider their effectiveness, which is usually expressed in fibrinolytic unit (FUs) per tablet or capsule. A higher FU is the strength of the supplement. Nattovena contains 4,000 FUs in each capsule, for example. Additionally, you should select acid armor capsules that can increase the absorption process and increase bioavailability. Also, make sure the supplement is free of synthetic additives, allergens and GMOs to ensure you get quality and pure results.

Potential Risks of Excess Consumption:

Although nattokinase is generally considered secure, prolonged consumption could result in adverse effects. The possibility of mild stomach upset is unlikely , and more serious reactions, such as bleeding excessively or bruising due to the blood-thinning properties of the vitamin could occur. It's crucial to adhere to the recommended dosage of the manufacturer and consult with a medical professional prior to beginning taking supplements with this vitamin especially if you use blood thinners or have an previous history of bleeding conditions.

Appropriate Duration for Supplementing Nattokinase

The amount of time a person is required to take nattokinase supplements is contingent upon their health goals and the circumstances. Some people may decide to use it for a continuous period of support with their cardiovascular health and others might use it in a limited amount to tackle a specific health issue. Regularly checking with your doctor about your health and wellbeing will help you and your physician determine when it's the right time to stop or modify the dosage of nattokinase.

Implementing Nattovena as part of your fitness routine could provide benefits to your cardiovascular system. If you select a top-quality nattokinase supplement and adhering to prescribed dosages and guidelines, you can reap the maximum benefits of this potent enzyme.