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Affiliate Portal

Arthur Andrew Medical (AAM) offers an unparalleled dropship program. This new proprietary application is called the Arthur Andrew Medical Portal, (also referred to as our Affiliate or Sales Portal).

The Sales Portal gives resellers the ability to easily sell AAM products through multiple sales channels, without the need to stock product, charge clients, or handle logistical issues. Managing orders, customers, cash flow, and inventory is all taken care of by AAM.

As Sales Portal orders are placed, clients will receive their order in a few short days, and resellers will receive a commission check, paid every 15th of the month for the previous month’s sales. Below are just a few benefits of the Arthur Andrew Medical Portal.

Benefits and Features

  • Drop-Shipped Orders
  • Personal Regimens
  • Custom Offer Links

Personal Regimens

Personal Regimens allow resellers to send clients a personalized order recommendation directly through email. The client can place their order immediately from the regimen link, without the hassle of creating an account or logging in. Personal Regimens are created for one client, so they can be thought of as a quasi-prescription with very specific directions for that particular client.

Custom Offer Links

Custom Offer Links, an almost identical customer experience to Personal Regimens, instead are for public use and are not directly tied to any one customer. An offer link is a specific custom, mini, single- page website (hosted by AAM) that is singly tied to the specific reseller that created the Offer Link. Customers can visit offer links at any time, and the corresponding reseller will always receive credit for all purchases coming from that particular Offer Link. Our proprietary system does not work like a typical affiliate program, so it is impossible for a reseller to ever miss out on receiving credit for a sale.


To become an AAM partner, please fill out the application here.

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