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Premiere Systemic Enzyme Blend
Optimal Healing Time
Circulatory Support
Cleanses the blood and supports proper joint and circulatory function.

Neprinol® Supports

Heart Health & Circulation

How it Works

Fibrin is a major component of scar tissue and blood clotting. Healthy adults maintain a normal fibrin equilibrium, which supports the proper thickness and stickiness of the blood. However, aging bodies tend to be enzyme deficient, making proper blood viscosity maintenance more difficult. Neprinol supplies adequate levels of enzymes for those seeking enzyme sufficiency.

The Impact

Whole blood viscosity is a measure of the blood’s ability to flow freely throughout the arteries and veins in the circulatory system. It’s also described as the thickness and stickiness of blood. Having high blood viscosity increases the resistance of normal blood flow, which causes friction and abrasion against the vessel walls, not optimal for cardiovascular function. It can also lead to decreased oxygen, and nutrient delivery to organs and tissues throughout the body.

Bone and Joint Health

How it Works

Neprinol promotes clean blood, which is fundamental for healthy immune function. It contains potent systemic enzymes that facilitate tissue repair and help maintain a balanced inflammatory response. This action differs significantly from traditional joint supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin, as Neprinol's enzyme potency supports the breakdown of dead tissue, and blood toxins which can irritate the entire immune process.

The Impact

As individuals age, maintaining healthy joint mobility and comfort becomes increasingly critical. Neprinol's superior enzymatic potency not only supports the body's natural repair processes but also helps limit inflammation resulting from overexertion. Users often report enhanced joint mobility, increased comfort, and a greater range of motion, experiencing benefits that extend beyond the temporary relief often offered by less comprehensive supplements.

Immune Function

How it Works

The immune system protects the body by producing antibodies in response to antigens such as bacteria, and viruses. Antibodies neutralize these antigens by binding to them, creating immune complexes, which can accumulate in the bloodstream when enzyme levels are low. Neprinol supplies powerful enzyme activity to support the normal breakdown of immune complexes.

The Impact

Neprinol's powerful enzyme activity supports the normal breakdown of immune complexes. This supplies the tools the body needs to properly manage and neutralize immune responses, without over-reacting, a common issue for those that are enzyme deficient. Healthy enzyme levels are crucial for overall immune function and well-being.


As we age, our natural enzyme production decreases and many will experience an enzyme deficiency. Enzymes play a key role in digestion, circulation, and fibrin control. When enzymes are spread too thin, many functions do not work at optimal levels.

When enzymes are lacking, many people may experience occasional:

  • Fatigue and discomfort
  • Delayed healing after exercise
  • Fibrin buildup

While aging is inevitable, symptoms associated with aging don’t have to be.

Neprinol provides the right blend of systemic enzymes that your body needs for proper circulation and joint comfort.


A fibrinolytic enzyme derived from the fermentation of Bacillus subtilis that can help to maintain normal blood viscosity and normal cardiovascular health.


A proteolytic (protein digesting) enzyme with potent fibrinolytic activity can support healthy fibrin concentrations. It has been clinically shown to support healthy mucus viscosity and promote normal recovery after physical stress.


Used systemically, this enzyme digests fats in the blood and can help convert fats into fatty acids, which may be expressed or retained as energy.


A proteolytic enzyme that, when present in blood serum, plays an important role in the blood’s health. It can also help support a healthy immune system and improve circulatory health.


Derived from Indian Gooseberry, amla contains tannic acid, glucose, cellulose, and calcium. Amla helps maintain pH balance, and has a high concentration of naturally derived vitamin C.


A proteolytic enzyme derived from papaya that can promote normal healing and inflammation from overexertion.


A flavonoid (plant pigment) that helps to maintain strong capillaries and connective tissue, as well as healthy blood vessels.


Decreases the proliferation of free radicals, supporting a healthy immune system. CoQ10 helps promote maintenance of normal cardiovascular function and is a coenzyme that is essential for enzymes to function in the body.


Promotes a healthy cardiovascular system, and is essential for cell repair, hormones, and a regular heartbeat. Magnesium also helps reduce the effects of increased stress.

Suggested Use

Directions: Take Neprinol with eight ounces of water on an empty stomach, or as directed by your healthcare provider. Larger daily doses may be divided into two or three servings per day.

Maintenance: Two to three capsules per day.

Increased Support: Four to six capsules per day.

Advanced: Nine Capsules per day.

Warning: Do not take this product without the consent of your physician if you are currently taking anti-coagulants or if you are pregnant or nursing.

Why Neprinol?

As we age, our natural enzyme production decreases while the need for these enzymes is of increasing importance. Supplementing these valuable enzymes can combat enzyme deficiencies that can lead to a wide variety of health concerns. Healthy levels of these enzymes can assist the body in maintaining a healthy immune system, healthy joints, proper circulation, and an overall balanced reaction to overexertion.

What are systemic enzymes?

When enzymes are introduced into the bloodstream, they work systemically, or throughout the entire body. Taking enzymes on an empty stomach allows them to work systemically since they will bypass the upper digestive process and enter the bloodstream through the small intestine. Systemic enzymes are similar to digestive enzymes, though certain enzymes are better designed for systemic activity as opposed to digestion due to the materials they react with, such as serrapeptase and nattokinase. These two enzymes are very efficient with the breakdown of a particular substance known as fibrin.

What is fibrin?

Fibrin is a protein substance naturally formed in the human body. It plays a significant role in our health and general well-being. Fibrin is responsible for scar tissue formation and is produced in reaction to injury. Our bodies naturally maintain healthy fibrin levels with enzymes (principally plasmin) whose role is to attack and break down any excessive fibrin. As fibrin builds up in the body, it can cause many unhealthy conditions.

Is Neprinol enteric coated?

Enteric coatings are designed to protect enzymes and other supplements from stomach acid. Plastic-like chemicals known as phthalates are often used in this coating process. Phthalates are actually banned in children's toys in Europe and Mexico, so why would we ever include these in our formulas?

Arthur Andrew Medical instead utilizes an all-natural, chemical-free acid armor capsule. These capsules are comprised of an extra thick layer of cellulose (vegetable capsules) with a micro threaded locking mechanism to prevent leaking. Acid armor capsules have been designed to delay the release of the capsule's contents for up to an hour, without the use of potentially harmful chemicals.

When is the best time to take Neprinol?

For best results, take the product at least one hour prior to eating and/or two hours after a meal.

Is Neprinol Kosher?

The product is certified Kosher by Star-K, and a copy of the certification is available by request.

Is Neprinol vegetarian-friendly?

The formula is vegetarian in accordance with the guidelines of the AMERICAN VEGETARIAN ASSOCIATION

Is Neprinol non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism)?

Neprinol is non-GMO. The microorganisms used to produce this enzyme product are not genetically engineered organisms as defined by the NATIONAL ORGANIC STANDARDS BOARD.

Genetically engineered is defined as follows: Made with techniques that alter the molecular or cellular biology of an organism by means that are not possible under natural conditions or processes. Genetic engineering includes recombinant DNA, cell fusion, micro-and macro-encapsulation, gene deletion and doubling, introducing a foreign gene, and changing the position of genes. It shall not include breeding, conjugation, fermentation, hybridization, in-vitro fertilization, and tissue culture.

Further testing is also conducted to determine whether any common GMO material is present in the product. A copy of the lab analysis can be Downloaded Here.

Proof of the Product

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Theresa W.
Can't go without

Wish this was cheaper, but I really can't go without Nep

Connie L.
Consistency is key

Dealing with painful knee's for many years now. I'm so much more comfortable when I'm consistent with Neprinol.

Lau G.
Seems to get rid of something !

I’ve been using this for a few months . I can see threads of fibrin, scar tissue , excess proteins , whatever it is that’s i see in my urine when taking at least 6 day on an empty stomach And away from meals .
I am taking this for my uterus.
I’m not sure how much this is doing , but as a natural solution recommended to me , I’ll try it for a while and see .

The best for aches and pains

This supplement needs to be taken regularly and beginning with a pretty healthy dose… 4X in the AM and 4X in the PM. When it kicks into your body, the results are fantastic. I know this because if I forget to take the supplement within days, my back and knees ache

Your Neprinol® Journey

See how your health can improve with Neprinol®.

Day 1
Day 7
Day 14
Day 30
Day 90

On the first day of taking Neprinol, you may be finding it difficult to find the best time actually take the product. Don’t fret, do what works best with your schedule. You can always just take a single dose before bed!

After 1 week of Neprinol, you may notice that you start to feel a little more fluid in your movements, and those occasional aches and pains are becoming less noticeable.

After 2 weeks of daily Neprinol use, your blood viscosity is within the normal range and your circulation has likely improved.

After 1 month, you may find that getting out of bed each morning seems easier. Your body just feels better, and you seem to have an extra bounce in your step.

After 3 months of daily Neprinol use, many of its benefits may not only be apparent in how you feel, but also in lab work. It would not be uncommon for you to hear your practitioner remark “whatever it is you’re doing, keep it up”.


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