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Probiotic Boosting Phage
Immune & Digestive Support
Urinary Tract Health
Promotes optimal digestive and immune health by increasing probiotic activity.

Floraphage® Supports

Gut Bacterial Balance

How it Works

Countless microorganisms vie for space and nutrients in your digestive tract. The battle between harmful and good bacteria can lead to occasional digestive discomfort and a weakened immune system if non-beneficial bacteria prevail. Nourishing and strengthening beneficial bacteria is crucial for achieving proper intestinal balance and optimal health.

The Impact

Floraphage, a blend of bacteriophages, promotes beneficial bacteria in the digestive ecosystem. These microscopic proteins react with specific gut bacteria, generating prebiotic nutrients. Consumed by good bacteria, these prebiotics foster an abundance of beneficial bacteria, supporting optimal digestive and immune health.

Floraphage Clinical Data Archive

Robust Immunity

How it Works

A healthy microbiome is vital to achieving optimal immune health. Floraphage helps both supplemented and our own indigenous bacteria proliferate to achieve a healthy and balanced microbiome. Floraphage was tested with 4 probiotic products to determine if their potency could be improved using Floraphage, versus on their own. A sample of each product was cultivated with Floraphage, while another was grown without (control group). All four tested products exhibited improvements to their CFU activity when grown with Floraphage.

The Impact

Floraphage creates space and nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract by
reacting to certain bacteria within the gut that are then utilized by
probiotics to support their growth within the environment. Improving the
ability of probiotic bacteria to thrive improves the overall health of the
microbiome, which can greatly increase one’s immune and gut health.

Floraphage Clinical Data Archive


Do you need probiotics? The answer is yes.
Do you ever experience occasional:

  • Diarrhea
  • Gas
  • Bloating

If you do, you probably need to support your microbiome by increasing the activity of probiotics, the good bacteria in your digestive system.
Floraphage is not a probiotic, but it has the ability to turn certain bacteria into high-quality prebiotic food for our beneficial bacteria to feed on.*
With Floraphage, your body will have the powerful probiotics it needs to support proper immune health and intestinal balance. Get ready to live your life free from the effects of an intestinal imbalance.


Floraphage is a combination of bacteriophages, which are microscopic proteins that target specific types of bacteria. A phage is a tiny protein that is capable of improving the entire landscape of your digestive system.

Suggested Use

Directions: Take one to two capsules daily with eight ounces of water or as directed by your healthcare provider.

Safety and efficacy: We consume bacteriophages every day. They have been utilized in agriculture for years as a gentle and non-toxic way to control the overgrowth of bacteria in crops. Floraphage is completely safe and has GRAS safety status with the FDA.

Which probiotic product was tested with Floraphage?

Along with three competitors, Arthur Andrew Medical’s probiotic-containing product, Syntol, showed significant growth when combined with Floraphage than compared to growth without Floraphage. Each of the four products demonstrated improved growth rates alongside Floraphage versus on their own.

When is the best time to take Floraphage?

Floraphage can be taken at any time, with or without food. Phages are not nearly as susceptible to acid and temperature changes as probiotic organisms. Based on this fact, we recommend taking the product whenever it's most convenient for you.

How long does it take for Floraphage to work?

Everybody is different, but according to our in vitro testing, Floraphage should start working within hours of the first dose. However, benefits that can be "felt" may take anywhere from days to weeks. Some may experience immediate benefits, while others may take longer, but its value to one's health is far-reaching from its onset of use.

Is Floraphage Kosher?

The product is certified Kosher by Star-K, and a copy of the certification is available upon request.

Is Floraphage vegan?

The formula is vegan in accordance with the guidelines of the AMERICAN VEGETARIAN ASSOCIATION.

Is Floraphage non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism)?

Floraphage is non-GMO. The microorganisms used to produce this enzyme product are not genetically engineered organisms as defined by the NATIONAL ORGANIC STANDARDS BOARD.

Genetically engineered is defined as follows: Made with techniques that alter the molecular or cellular biology of an organism by means that are not possible under natural conditions or processes. Genetic engineering includes recombinant DNA, cell fusion, micro-and macro-encapsulation, gene deletion and doubling, introducing a foreign gene, and changing the position of genes. It shall not include breeding, conjugation, fermentation, hybridization, in-vitro fertilization, and tissue culture.

Further testing is also conducted to determine whether any common GMO material is present in the product. A copy of the lab analysis can be Downloaded Here.

Proof of the Product

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Shelly W.
Urinary irritation

I've had chronic urinary irritation for years and the only relief I get is when I take prescription medication. My naturopath recommended that I try a bacteriophage product as the problem may being coming from my digestive system. So far so good, I've been taking Phage for about 7 months with no irritation at all.

Jill U.

This is a powerful supplement which really helps!!

Vanessa L.
Love it

I love it, it is a wonderful compliment to Syntol AMD.

Deanna K.
A Great Addition!

Everything we touch these days comes from all over the world these days and I really like this formula for all that prebiotic activity as well as balancing the not so good stuff. Nothing compares to these products.

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