Full Spectrum Digestion
A blend of 13 enzymes that provide complete digestive support for a wide array of foods.
Gluten & Dairy
Contains specialized enzymes specifically known to break most digestive irritants like gluten and dairy.
Maximize Protein Absorption
A powerful blend of proteases that help break down protein and maximize absorption of amino acids.
Reduces Occasional Gas and Bloating
Protein-busting enzymes that can help reduce gas and bloating from high protein meals and supplements.
Optimal Microbiome
Syntol supports the right digestive ecosystem from the mouth to gut and can help maintain healthy gut microbiome.
Regularity & Digestive Comfort
Supports optimal probiotic levels which may improve regularity and digestive comfort for those with occasional digestive challenges.
Germ Protection
Syntol Kids protects your school goers by optimizing their microbiome and keeping their digestive and immune systems strong.
Happy Kids
A great tasting and easy to take probiotic taken like a pixy stick™ for healthy digestion.
Improve Any Probiotic
Whether you take our probiotic or someone elses, Floraphage increases the strength of any formula on average 24X.
Travel Safely
Floraphage supports healthy bacterial levels in the gut, which is essential for those that travel often.
Know Your Gut
Discover the health of your gut microbiome with a simple and easy test of your microbiome’s health and diversity.
Ultimate Digestive Support
Support optimal digestion with our actional recommendations to improve the health of your gut’s microbiome that are tailored by our trained and registered nutritionists