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KD Ultra®

Vitamin K2 (MK4,6,7)
Vegan Vitamin D3
Bone & Heart Strength
KD Ultra combines vegan-sourced Vitamin D3, a full-spectrum blend of Vitamin K, and the enzyme lipase to support strong bones, cardiovascular health and immune function.

KD Ultra® Supports

Cardiovascular Health

How it Works

Vitamin K2s various menaquinones (MKs) may also play an essential role in cardiovascular health. The buildup of calcium in blood vessel walls, known as calcification, reduces their flexibility and increases the risk of cardiovascular complications. Matrix Gla-protein (MGP), a critical Vitamin K-dependent protein, helps prevent calcium buildup in blood vessels.

The Impact

Studies have suggested other potential roles of MKs, as Vitamin K is a crucial component in proper blood clotting. Without enough Vitamin K, excessive bleeding can occur, particularly during injury or surgery. Vitamin K2 MK7 has been specifically studied and highlighted as a crucial cardiovascular health nutrient.

Normal Immune Function

How it Works

Vitamin D's impact on the immune system is often underestimated, as many assume sufficient levels from sunlight exposure. However, obtaining enough Vitamin D solely from the sun is challenging due to factors like season, time of day, and skin color. Over 40% of people are believed to be deficient in Vitamin D due to these challenges.

The Impact

Cod liver oil, rich in Vitamin D, has been used for centuries to enhance protection against infections. This is believed to contribute to the low incidence of Vitamin D deficiency in Scandinavian countries, despite their high latitudes. Studies show that individuals with healthy Vitamin D levels have a lower occurrence of respiratory infections, even after adjusting for variables like gender, age, season, and race.

Mood Enhancement

How it Works

Vitamin K2 supplementation also promotes enhanced mood by protecting nerve cells in the brain from damage that is linked to the onset of mental health problems. This form of nerve cell protection heightens the body's ability to overcome mood disturbances.

The Impact

Clinical studies indicate that vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 deficiencies are linked to the onset of certain mental health issues such as excessive worry, hopelessness, chronic grief, distraction, irritability, and seasonal changes in mood. Therefore, dietary supplementation with these nutrients is very important.


Vitamins K and D have a synergistic relationship that promotes strong bones and cardiovascular health. If you don’t include both in your supplement routine, you could be missing out! According to a research study, health professionals increased testing for Vitamin D sevenfold between 2008 and 2013, and it’s thought that over 1 billion people are deficient in this vital nutrient. In addition, adequate vitamin K is actually necessary to get the health benefits we’ve all come to know about vitamin D.
That’s why we formulated KD Ultra to include everything you need for broad-spectrum benefits in a single supplement.
KD Ultra combines 2500 IUs of vegan vitamin D3 with a full-spectrum blend of the available Vitamin K2 chains (referred to as menaquinones) MK4, MK6, and MK7 (MKs) as well as Vitamin K1 for the ultimate health benefits of each component.
However, because Vitamins D and K are fat-soluble (meaning they dissolve in fat), we added the enzyme lipase to break down ingested fats, allowing your body to properly release the vitamins from fat and absorb them efficiently. That means no more missing out on all the perks of taking your vitamins!

Vitamin D3

Our formula includes vegan vitamin D3 (the natural form produced by the skin upon exposure to sunlight) from reindeer lichen. Vitamin D regulates calcium and phosphorous levels to support and maintain strong bones. It also plays a role in calcium absorption, bone health, and immunity.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K comes in many forms and is essential for proper Vitamin D utilization. Our formula includes Vitamin K1 as well as all available supplemental forms of Vitamin K2 (MK4, MK6, and MK7) for full-spectrum health benefits. Vitamin K supports proper blood health, strong bones and cardiovascular health.


Lipase is an enzyme that breaks down lipids (fats) and fat-soluble vitamins. Without enough lipase, fats cannot be fully broken down and properly absorbed by the body. This may limit the benefits you expect to get from taking your vitamins. Lipase is essential for complete vitamin assimilation, which is why we have included it in our proprietary formula.

Suggested Use

Directions: Take 1-2 capsules daily of KD Ultra, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. If taking more than one capsule, they may be split up and taken with each meal, or taken all at once.

Warning: Do not take this product without the consent of your physician if you are currently taking anti-coagulants, or if you are pregnant or nursing.

How do vitamins K and D work together to provide health benefits?

Vitamin D is essential for the absorption of calcium into the bloodstream, playing a crucial role in maintaining bone health and supporting a healthy cardiovascular system. However, for optimal benefits, Vitamin D should be taken in conjunction with Vitamin K. Vitamin K helps direct calcium into the bones, enhancing bone strength. Additionally, Vitamin D stimulates the production of proteins that depend on Vitamin K, which are vital for bone growth and vascular health. Research has shown that combining Vitamins D and K can significantly increase bone density, indicating that this duo is more effective in promoting bone health than taking Vitamin K alone.

What are the different forms of vitamin K2 in KD Ultra?

Vitamin K2 refers to a group of compounds known scientifically as menaquinones (MKs). Several different forms of Vitamin K2 exist, ranging from MK4 to MK13, and each provides unique health benefits.

KD Ultra includes all three of the currently available supplemental forms of Vitamin K2: MK4, MK6, and MK7.

As if K2 needed to be further complicated, two variations of MK7 (isomers) exist and are known as Trans and Cis. The isomer is basically just the shape of the molecule and impacts the absorbability within the body (among other things). Trans MK7 is what is found in foods and nature, while Cis is not found in nature and may not offer any of the benefits of Trans MK7. KD Ultra contains all-Trans MK7.

Why do I need to take Vitamin D, don’t I get it from the sun?

Although Vitamin D can be obtained naturally through sunlight exposure, several factors make it challenging to get enough from the sun alone. Season, time of day, day length, cloud cover, smog, shade, and geographic region all impact UVB exposure and the potential for Vitamin D production. Age, skin color, and use of daily sunscreens can also impact Vitamin D production.

Does KD Ultra support dental health?

It has been shown that Vitamin K2 plays a key role in the development and maintenance of healthy tooth enamel and the immune response within dentin. Without K2, calcium cannot be adequately processed in our bodies, and that includes both bones and teeth. Additionally, Vitamin D3 aids in the absorption of calcium throughout the body.

Is KD Ultra safe to use in combination with prescription blood-thinning medications?

You should always check with your healthcare provider prior to taking any new dietary supplements in combination with a prescription. However, KD Ultra contains Vitamin K, and since many prescription medications for blood-thinning are designed to block Vitamin K activity, it is imperative you speak with the prescribing physician prior to taking KD Ultra if you are prescribed these types of medications.

Is KD Ultra Kosher?

The product is certified Kosher by Star-K, and a copy of the certification is available upon request.

Is KD Ultra vegan friendly?

The formula is vegan in accordance with the guidelines of the AMERICAN VEGETARIAN ASSOCIATION.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Andre J.
Recommended Blend

So nice to have a product with the right amount of MK7 and MK4

Miriam B.

Great products

Elaine B.
Bone Dr approves

My Bone Dr says this is great stuff!

Joan B.

Have just started using this product.
Will gladly make comment after 30 days of use.
Thank you.

Your KD Ultra® Journey

See how your health can improve with KD Ultra®.

Day 1
Day 7
Day 14
Day 30
Day 90

On the first day of taking KD Ultra, you should not necessarily “feel” differently. But you can take solace in knowing that you are now one step closer to improving your bone and cardiovascular health.

After 1 week of taking KD Ultra, you may start to find that your mood is changing. Both Vitamins D and K have been shown to impact depressive symptoms.

After 2 weeks of taking KD Ultra, your levels of Vitamin D should be improving, and you may find that you have more energy.

After 1 month of taking KD Ultra, your Vitamin D and K levels should be much improved. Calcium is being shuttled into the bones, and is not accumulating in the arteries.

After 3 months on KD Ultra, your bone and cardiovascular health has improved. Your bone density is normal, and your risk of fracture has been reduced.


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