Aminolase Clinical Data

Maximizes Protein Absorption

Aminolase maximizes the benefits of protein supplements by optimizing protein absorption. It helps the body absorb more protein rather than excreting it by breaking down protein into a bio-usable form. When you break down protein into a useable form, the blood stream can absorb amino acids more effectively. Studies conducted on Aminolase and its key ingredients support its ability to raise the level of amino acids in the blood compared to just consuming protein alone, and without causing adverse effects.

Eliminates Digestive Stress

Acid stable protease, a patent-pending proteolytic enzyme, digests protein without causing digestive stress. When taken over the course of 24 days, protease demonstrated that it can also facilitate muscle healing and recovery. In tests ranging from 90 minutes to multiple days, Aminolase demonstrated that it can break down whey protein efficiently in the small intestine, helping to eliminate peptides that cause gastrointestinal distress.

For an in-depth look at the clinical data for Aminolase, download the chart below.

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