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Buyer Beware

Since the inception of Arthur Andrew Medical, our products have only been available for purchase through specific Authorized distributors, retailers, and health care professionals. Recently, our products have appeared on unauthorized internet websites and we would like to caution against purchasing from these specific resellers. Because of the practices of many of these sites, Arthur Andrew Medical is unable to verify the quality and authenticity of our products sold through these channels, as they may have been compromised by being purchased and sold outside of our approved chain of distribution. These products may not comply with all applicable Federal and state laws, GMP practices, as well as our own quality standards. Arthur Andrew Medical mandates that all its authorized resellers are more than willing and able to supply the education and support that every Arthur Andrew Medical product user is entitled to. The well-being of our customers has always been Arthur Andrew Medical’s top priority; the preceding evaluation process ensures that authorized Arthur Andrew Medical suppliers provide unmatched product knowledge and expertise to the customer. We encourage you to purchase our products directly from us or from an Authorized professional that is within our approved distribution chain. Please visit one of our Where to Buy pages for a complete list of Authorized Local and International re-sellers. If you choose to purchase Arthur Andrew Medical products from an unapproved website, we cannot guarantee that you are receiving authentic, high-quality Arthur Andrew Medical products. “Buyer Beware!”

Websites that are outside our approved chain of distribution include, but are not limited to:

  • (Some Retailers)
  • Craig’s List
  • eBay

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you would like to verify the authenticity of an Arthur Andrew Medical product that you have purchased.