Devigest Clinical Data

Supports Balanced Digestion

Devigest uses digestive enzymes to support balanced digestion and food assimilation, as well as break down digestive irritants, including gluten and dairy. Central to this enzyme blend are powerful digestive enzymes such as peptidase, bromelain, and lactase, that have been clinically tested to show their effectiveness.

Lactase is responsible for turning milk sugar lactose into glucose and galactose. One study on 16 participants concluded that lactase could reduce the effects of lactose malabsorption in lactose-intolerant patients on a temporary basis. Peptidase, responsible for breaking down gluten, was shown in multiple studies to lower discomfort and food cravings. These enzymes, along with the rest of the Devigest formula, demonstrate their ability to effectively break down digestive irritants and aid in achieving optimal digestive health.

For an in-depth look at the clinical data for Devigest, download the chart below.

Download Devigest Clinical Data