Get the Most Out of Your Workouts With Aminolase

The holidays are a time for fun, relaxation, social gatherings, and indulging in delicious meals. This is also when people add on a few unwanted pounds. Enhanced metabolism and proper digestive function are the keys to burning fat quickly, especially during the holidays when people tend to eat an abundance of their favorite foods as well as new or exotic food. For active individuals who want to maintain their weight over the holidays, digestive enzymes are essential. Aminolase is a powerful supplement made up of protein-digesting enzymes that improve the body’s ability to process protein-rich foods.

Proteins consists of long amino acids chains that have to be broken into single amino acids that are small enough to travel through the bloodstream. Once they enter the circulatory system, the individual amino acids can be distributed to different parts of the body where cells can use them to rebuild proteins that regulate numerous processes that include [1-3]:

  • The growth, repair, and maintenance of connective tissue and muscle tissue
  • The transfer of nerve signals
  • The transportation of nutrients (e.g., fats, vitamins, etc.,) through the bloodstream
  • The production of antibodies, hormones, and enzymes

Furthermore, amino acids that are released into circulation after the digestion of a heavy meal can be re-synthesized into proteins that boost lean muscle mass. The re-synthesis of amino acids aids the recovery of muscle tissue after exercise and the regulation of blood sugar levels, both of which are essential processes for strength training, bodybuilding, and improved body composition [1, 2]. Aminolase completely breaks down proteins into individual amino acids, supporting higher levels of circulating amino acids that can be resynthesized into muscle-building proteins. Individual amino acids are easily absorbed by intestinal cells that allow re-synthesized proteins to be used for energy metabolism as well as muscle repair and growth, which is vital toward building lean muscle [1-3]. On the other hand, the absence of proper protein digestion can wreak havoc on the entire body.

Protein Scoop

Carbohydrate and protein-rich foods such as broccoli and cheese, collard greens, beans, string beans, vegetable casseroles, and pies are delicious, but hard on the digestive tract. More specifically, it typically takes the stomach about 90 minutes to partially break down certain particles (e.g., proteins, carbohydrates) into nutrients that can be transferred to the bloodstream [4, 5]. Large portions of protein that remain in the gut after 90 minutes can cause digestive discomfort. This means that a holiday celebration can quickly be interrupted by bloating, gas, constipation, or diarrhea. Even more concerning is that undigested protein that accumulates in the large intestines can change into harmful substances called circulating immune complexes (CICs) [4-6]. CICs are linked to inflammation, diabetes, cancer, and a number of other health issues [6].

Aminolase targets these issues by breaking down more than 90% of consumed proteins within 90 minutes of eating a large meal. This allows individuals to eat indulgent meals without having to worry about experiencing stomach issues afterward.

This digestive enzyme supplement can also promote weight management and sustained body composition during the holidays by:

  • Supporting normal metabolism and blood sugar regulation
  • Helping the body completely digest larger portions
  • Releasing essential amino acid building blocks for lean muscle tissue
  • Promoting faster muscle tissue recovery after vigorous exercise

Active individuals need a rich supply of amino acids after a workout as these key nutrients support the repair and growth of new muscle tissue. This is the process that helps build lean muscle mass and gives people the body composition they desire. Don’t let indulgent meals reverse weight loss progress or make the holidays less enjoyable. Enjoy the splendor of all the holiday treats by taking Aminolase, the beneficial digestive enzyme supplement that lets the body get the most from regular vigorous workouts.


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