How Extra Testing Ensures Quality

When you shop for supplements, it’s important to know that not all products are created equal. That’s why it’s crucial to find a company that focuses on going above and beyond industry standards of testing and certification. At Arthur Andrew Medical, we put the well-being of our customers first, and never cut corners to increase profits. One of the ways we honor this commitment to quality is through our intensive product testing process.

Here are four key ways we guarantee product quality and efficacy through extra testing.

1. Conducting comprehensive tests

Our thorough testing techniques allows us to state with confidence that our products are free from anything that could potentially compromise the health of our customers. This is a major part of what sets Arthur Andrew Medical apart from other companies. We’re committed to providing the best possible product, even if it involves potentially time-consuming testing.

To make sure we go beyond, we test all of our products to guarantee that they’re free from GMOs, pesticides, and allergens. Our tests ensure that our products are free from containing even trace amounts of these potentially hazardous ingredients, providing our customers with peace of mind. In addition, our products are also tested to ensure that they meet very stringent standards with heavy metal levels.

2. Maintaining stability protocol

Many manufacturers, especially those making probiotic products, only guarantee their product’s potency at the time of manufacture. However, at Arthur Andrew Medical, we go the extra mile to ensure that our products meet their expected potency throughout their shelf life.

Our stability protocol program allows us to ensure that our raw materials and ingredients are continuously meeting and exceeding the industry standard. On a rotating basis, all of our products are entered into the stability protocol program and tested to make sure what we promise on the label is accurate.

3. Exceeding certifications

At Arthur Andrew Medical, certifications are just the beginning. Instead of just allowing our products to carry any certification, regardless of reputation, we strategically select certification agencies that match our commitment to quality and potency.

American Vegetarian Association

We partnered with the American Vegetarian Association to certify that our products are vegetarian and vegan, and in compliance with their strict standards. This ensures that our formulas are completely free of any animal by-products.

Star-K Kosher

We put our eligible products through a rigorous inspection process to be certified as kosher by Star-K, one of the world’s premier kosher certification agencies. This not only makes our products accessible to consumers who observe religious diet regulations, but also stands as a symbol of quality.

4. Assessing the competition

We routinely test our competitor’s products alongside our own to make sure we’re still meeting the high standards we set for ourselves. We use this knowledge to know what’s out there, get a clear picture of what our competitors are doing, and know how our products stack up. If we say we’re the best, we want to be able to prove it, and data from direct comparisons helps us accomplish that.

What it means for you

Our extra testing techniques are another way that we show our commitment to the health, safety, and prosperity of our customers. When you purchase an Arthur Andrew product, you can buy with confidence, knowing that you’re getting exactly what the label promises. While other brands do things the easy way, we do things the right way—with research, testing, and thorough evaluation at every step of our process.