KD Ultra – A Novel Supplement for Vitamins D3 and K2

Vitamins D3 and K2 are critically important for many aspects of our health but are often lacking in our diet. Supplements containing these two essential nutrients are a great solution to support the immune system, bone health, and cardiovascular wellbeing. However, not all supplements are made to the same standards of quality and effectiveness.

KD Ultra by Arthur Andrew Medical combines decades of clinical research into the ultimate supplement for vitamins D3 and K2. The vitamin D3 found in over 90% of supplements sold is derived from sheep’s wool and is often contaminated with “sheep’s dip” pesticides. KD Ultra derives its vitamin D3 from lichens from Alaska—the primary source of D3 for reindeer, which receive very little sunlight in the Arctic Circle. Lichen-sourced D3 is more natural and cleaner because it is never exposed to pesticides, unlike farmed animal derived vitamin D.

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In addition, we have chosen the most effective bioidentical forms of K2 that more closely match the ratio found in the human body to maximize the effects of this necessary, but often overlooked, nutrient.

Benefits of Vitamins K and D Supplementation

Calcium and Bone Health

Our bones are active organs and exist in a dynamic balance called remodeling that affects every organ in the body. Bones are constantly being broken down and built back up by our cells to maintain strength and repair damage1. When the balance is disturbed, it can lead to reduced bone density, rigidity, and increased calcium levels in the bloodstream that can impact heart, brain, and kidney wellbeing1. Inadequate Vitamin K levels make it hard for the body to pull calcium from the blood to build bones back up2. In addition, vitamin D is necessary for the body to absorb calcium from our diets3.

K2 and D3 Bone Health

Immune Function

The immune system requires several nutrients to run at peak performance. Vitamin D plays a key role in regulating the activity of our white blood cells and is vital in supporting a healthy immune system3. Vitamin K has recently been found to affect similar white blood cells and inflammation-related proteins4.

Cardiovascular Wellbeing

Vitamins D3 and K2 supplementation has demonstrated remarkable benefits to cardiovascular and immune health in human studies. Extensive research has found that vitamin K supports cardiovascular health by reducing high blood calcium4,5. In fact, even healthy participants in one study experienced improved arterial health after vitamin K2 supplementation [15514282]. In addition, Vitamin D3 supplementation has been shown to support cardiovascular health, especially in people who are deficient in the nutrient6,7.

Vitamin K-Dependent Proteins

Many proteins that perform essential functions in our bodies require forms of vitamin K to function8. One of these proteins is called MGP. This protein helps prevent calcium from depositing in the blood vessels and stiffening them. In addition, the protein Gas-6 relies on vitamin K to support the vascular smooth muscle cells that cause vessels to expand and contract. These proteins fail to function without vitamin K, which over time may lead to cardiovascular concerns8.

Mood Enhancement Properties of Vitamins K and D

Nutritional status has a direct impact on mood. Vitamin D deficiency is strongly associated with decreased mood, and its supplementation has shown powerful mood support9,10. Other studies have shown that vitamin K supplementation can support mood enhancement, especially in older adults11.

MK7 vs MK4: Which is More Important?

There are many forms of K2, also called menaquinones or MKs, with varying biological effects. Most supplements use soy-derived MK7, a longer form of the molecule that is absorbed slowly and stays in the blood longer4. KD Ultra, however, focuses on multiple menaquinones. MK4, the most abundant form of K2 in the human body is also the most abundant in the product. MK4 is a shorter version of K2 and has been shown to support bone density and resilience12. In addition, KD Ultra contains MK6, MK7 and MK9, which all serve important functions in the body, much like the various forms of B vitamins.

 KD Ultra Ingredients

Choose KD Ultra

Compared to other supplements, KD Ultra stands out for its ethically sourced vegan D3 and bioactive K2. It is uniquely suited to support bone, immune, cardiovascular, and brain wellbeing. Visit Arthur Andrew Medical today to purchase the most effective K2+D3 supplement on the market to help you on your journey to good health.

Warning: Do not take this product without the consent of your physician if you are currently taking anti-coagulants, or if you are pregnant or nursing.


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