KD ULTRA - NEW Vitamin K2 + D3 Product


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (Sept. 11, 2020)Arthur Andrew Medical, a leading manufacturer of enzyme and probiotic-based dietary supplements headquartered in Scottsdale, has launched a new product called KD Ultra. KD Ultra is the only dietary supplement on the market that combines the most absorbable full spectrum blend of vitamin K2 (all four chains: MK4, MK6, MK7 and MK9) with vitamin K1, vegan-sourced vitamin D3 and the enzyme lipase. This perfect blend supports strong bones, cardiovascular health and immune function all in one easy-to-take supplement.

While humans can obtain some vitamin K from food and some vitamin D from the sun, these methods are not sufficient to supply the full amount that the body needs. In fact, more than 40% of people are believed to be deficient in vitamin D. KD Ultra offers a complete dose of both essential vitamins in a single supplement.

"KD Ultra delivers all the benefits of both vitamin D and K in a convenient single capsule. It is the first product in its category to include all four available vitamin K2 chains, and the first to contain the enzyme lipase for complete vitamin absorption,” said Dan Curtin, executive vice president of Arthur Andrew Medical. “Taking care of our bodies is so important, especially right now, and it’s our goal at Arthur Andrew to make it easier for people to maintain their health.”

Studies have shown the synergistic relationship of vitamin D and vitamin K to be highly beneficial for both strong bones and cardiovascular health. The vitamins work together to ensure calcium is absorbed into the bones while preventing calcium buildup in the blood vessels. Additionally, vitamin K regulates proper blood clotting and vitamin D is vital for effective immune system support. The addition of the enzyme lipase helps the body properly absorb these fat-soluble vitamins.

After more than two years of research and development, the Arthur Andrew Medical team created the optimal formula for KD Ultra. The innovative new supplement offers a non-animal-based blend of vitamins D and K, using vegan vitamin D3 from lichen, a clean and natural form of this vital nutrient. KD Ultra also incorporates a full spectrum blend of all four available vitamin K2 chains (MK4, MK6, MK7 and MK9), as well as vitamin K1 and the enzyme lipase for better absorption, ingredients not yet seen in ordinary vitamin K and D products. 

For more information and to purchase KD Ultra, visit arthurandrew.com/products/kd-ultra.