Syntol Kids Clinical Data

Promotes Healthy Immune System and Improves Digestive Health

Syntol Kids is formulated to optimize a child’s immune system and improve digestive health with the help of a strategic combination of prebiotics, probiotics, and vitamins. Clinical data for Syntol Kids comprised of studies from various sources shows the efficiency of the product’s key ingredients, including L. rhamnosus GG and B. lactis Bl-04.

L. rhamnosus GG is one of the most widely studied probiotic strains on the market, and has been clinically shown to positively impact the body’s immune system. One study conducted over 3 months concluded that L. rhamnosus reduced the rate of respiratory infections in children when taken regularly.

B. lactis Bl-04 stimulates the immune and digestive systems, and was shown to demonstrate a reduction in infection rates versus the placebo group. Vitamins C and D3, key elements of the Syntol Kids formula, are widely known to be an integral part of the immune system, and important to overall health.

The clinical data for Syntol Kids demonstrates how the unique formula is optimized to target and fortify a child’s immune system, whilst simultaneously improving digestive health and overall wellness.

For an in-depth look at the clinical data for Syntol Kids, download the chart below.

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