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The Benefits of Vitamin K2 and Lichen-sourced Vitamin D3

The Benefits of Vitamin K2 and Lichen-sourced Vitamin D3

Health and wellness advocates frequently emphasize the significance of vitamins in our daily diets. Most discussions center around well-known ones like A, B, C or E; however, Vitamin K2 and D3, particularly D3 from lichen sources, deserve equal attention due to their numerous health benefits.

Vitamin K2 and D3, together, offer more than the sum of their individual benefits; their combined effect amplifies our wellbeing.

Vitamin D3 is one of the superstars of vitamin world. Our bodies produce it naturally when exposed to sunlight and it plays an essential role in calcium absorption for healthier bones and teeth, immune system function, cell growth regulation, mental wellbeing and mood support.

Sheep's Wool Lanolin extraction

Contrary to popular belief, not all sources of Vitamin D3 are equal. Traditional D3 supplements come from lanolin, which is secreted by sheep sebaceous glands; however, another natural source may offer greater potency - lichen.

Lichen is a unique algae like organism which provides an organic source of Vitamin D3. Lichen-derived D3 can provide several distinct advantages over animal-sourced sources for vegans and vegetarians who may otherwise struggle to meet their D3 needs. Furthermore, its plant-based origin makes it more inclusive and accessible while being sustainable - particularly as an environmentally-friendly source. Finally, purity matters less with Lichen D3 than animal sources as contamination risks are reduced significantly when obtained through Lichen.

Vitamin K2 and D3, together

Now let's shift focus to one of the lesser-known, yet equally essential, vitamins: K2. Vitamin K2 plays an indispensable role in our bodies by channeling calcium directly where it should go: our bones and teeth - rather than places like our arteries or soft tissues where too much could be harmful. While D3 promotes calcium absorption, K2 ensures it's being properly utilized.

Vitamin K2 can help improve cardiovascular health by supporting normal calcium levels in the blood and arteries. Furthermore, it supports normal blood coagulation which is vital for the wound healing process.

How exactly do these vitamins interact? Imagine Vitamin D3 as a worker skilled in collecting raw materials (calcium), while Vitamin K2 acts as the site manager to place these materials exactly where necessary. Without these vitamins working alongside each other, either materials could build up unnecessarily, or the manager could find themselves without material to work with.

To fully capitalize on these vitamins, it's essential to maintain balanced levels of both. A surplus of D3 can lead to excess calcium in your blood stream which, without enough K2, could potentially lead to harmful calcium deposits in arteries and soft tissues - so taking both together ensures a harmonious balance of both.

Overall, Vitamin K2 and lichen-sourced Vitamin D3 is an exceptional way to support strong bones, cardiovascular health, and overall well-being. Their unique plant-based source makes lichen-sourced D3 an inclusive and sustainable supplement option worth adding to your diet plan. When supplementing with these two essential vitamins it may well prove worthwhile.

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