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What Is Serrapeptase?


Serrapeptase is a very potent proteolytic (protein-dissolving) enzyme that speeds up the process of breaking down harmful or unwanted proteins within the body. Believe it or not, serrapeptase was first discovered in the intestines of silkworms. A silkworm probiotic bacterium called serratia marcescens naturally excretes the serrapeptase enzyme. These enzymes are critical to a silkworm’s survival, as they break down its protein-rich silk cocoon when it is time for the moth to be released. Silk is among the strongest natural protein fibers on earth and requires an even stronger enzyme to digest its bonds. As a dietary supplement, serrapeptase is created by growing large quantities of serratia marcescens bacteria in a lab. This process creates a naturally vegetarian-friendly product without the use or harm of silkworms. You may be wondering: How does an enzyme that was discovered in silkworms benefit me?

Super Selective Serrapeptase

One of the greatest perks of this silk-loving enzyme is that it only breaks down non-living proteins while leaving healthy, living tissues untouched. When taken orally, serrapeptase enters the bloodstream and selectively attaches to harmful proteins such as dead cells, undigested food, and arterial waste. Serrapeptase effectively dissolves these proteins which can cause occasional inflammation or cardiovascular concerns. Since serrapeptase only targets unhealthy proteins, it is considered extremely safe and has been used for decades. Now let us take a closer look at the research supporting the vast health benefits of serrapeptase!

Fickle Fibrin Meets its Match

Fibrin and fibrinogen are two proteins that help to regulate blood clots and cardiovascular plaques. Fibrin stimulates the blood-clotting process, while fibrinogen works to form clumps of red blood cells and plaque made from fat, cholesterol, and other waste products. When bodily injury occurs under normal conditions, fibrin production rapidly increases, creating a protein mesh that holds scar tissue together and prompts the blood to clot. However, when too much fibrin is produced, clotting and debris build up making it harder for the cardiovascular system to function optimally. Research has repeatedly demonstrated that serrapeptase successfully digests fibrin and defends against overproduction, due to its fibrinolytic (fibrin-dissolving) abilities. Additionally, research has shown that the targeted protein-digesting ability of serrapeptase may support healthy blood factors such as normal clotting and optimal cardiovascular health.

Optimal Energy Through Purification

The 5 major organs/systems that purify, cleanse and detoxify our bodies naturally are: • Liver • Kidneys • Intestinal tract • Spleen • Immune/Lymphatic system These 5 major systems work overtime to break down our food, filter our blood, remove harmful bacteria, contaminants, and waste material. These systems can become taxed by diet, environmental factors, and stress. Continuously challenging these systems can cause exhaustion, inflammation, and undue stress. Serrapeptase supports these systems by reducing the amount of debris and toxins they are required to process. Cleaner systems function more optimally and require less energy to maintain. Serrapeptase acts as a natural cleanser; rinsing away debris and harmful proteins from the blood and enhancing the body’s natural ability to conquer other intruders. Serrapeptase does the heavy lifting, allowing our own natural processes to function more effectively and preserve energy.

Pain Management Without Side Effects

Overexertion, digestion, poor sleep, immune reactions, and so many other factors can be stressful to our bodies. Naturally, our bodies have adapted to heal themselves through inflammatory reactions. Inflammation works twofold by allowing more blood and therefore nutrients to irritated or injured areas and signaling your brain to feel pain. Serrapeptase has the ability to support pain relief. Research has shown that this special enzyme blocks the release of amines, i.e. pain-inducing substances, and thwarts pro- inflammatory cell activity. In addition, serrapeptase quickly rushes to inflamed areas, removing injured tissues and allowing for accelerated recovery time. As such, oral supplementation of serrapeptase can improve inflammatory conditions such as joint damage due to physical exertion or post-surgical pain. Serrapeptase can safely be used in combination with ice, heat and OTC anti-inflammatories for even greater relief.

Seriously Clear Sinuses

Perhaps the most surprising benefit of serrapeptase supplementation is its incredible ability to regulate mucus and improve ailments like sinus pressure. In a study involving 15 individuals with restricted breathing due to mucus, 30 mg of serrapeptase was administered to certain participants, while others received a placebo for 4 weeks. This sinus-friendly enzyme was found to decrease the elasticity, viscosity, weight, and white blood cell content of the mucus as well as significantly decrease expectoration and coughing frequency in the individuals who received serrapeptase when compared to the control group. The study concluded that serrapeptase was responsible for dissolving a significant amount of fibrin, which has been shown in other research to contribute to the production of mucus, bronchial tube hyperactivity, and airway narrowing. So next time you are battling sinus issues, try popping a serrapeptase! No drowsiness or dried-out sinuses necessary.

In Summary If there’s only one enzyme you should consider adding to your supplement routine, it’s definitely serrapeptase! This proteolytic enzyme selectively targets harmful proteins, removes impurities from the blood, digests fibrin, and dissolves mucus, all while supporting and assisting our 5 major detoxification systems. The result? Serrapeptase promotes healthy sinus activity, enhanced cardiovascular health, faster wound healing, and a better functioning immune system – all thanks to an enzyme discovered in silkworms.