Why are many Arthur Andrew products proprietary?

Many may wonder why certain Arthur Andrew products are kept proprietary. Proprietary formulas have their pros and cons, and to a client's eyes may have more cons than pros. However, the main issue specific to enzymes is that they are not like vitamins that can simply be measured by weight. The weight to activity ratio can vary greatly from one enzyme's lot to its subsequent lot, let alone factoring in competing products and manufacturers. And since activities are used for enzymes, does anyone really know what 45,000 SPUs of serrapeptase or 1,000 GDUs of bromelain really means once its inside the body? The short answer is no, but if we are looking at individual enzyme products like our Serretia, it certainly can help one deduce which product is a better "buy." However, it is not necessarily an indication of what the product will do once consumed... only that it may be stronger than another product. This type of comparison becomes nearly impossible once you begin combining enzymes into formulations such as Neprinol.

As far as how the enzymes behave in the body, we have put a lot of time and effort into formulating our products to provide specific health benefits, not specific amounts of any one enzyme or component. In our opinion, looking at any of our formulations from an enzyme to enzyme perspective is doing oneself a disservice. Neprinol for instance is formulated to be a blood cleanse, help support normal inflammatory levels, and provide dozens if not hundreds of other health benefits, not just supplement one's body with some arbitrary number of SPUs of serrapeptase. We ideally would like our formulations to be looked at as a whole, not in parts. The proprietary nature of our formulas is not to "hide" anything. It's meant to hopefully make the decision of choosing a product easier by simplifying what the product is and what it is intended to do. Rather than Neprinol being a combination of nattokinase, serrapeptase, protease and other components, we want it to be looked at as the "Neprinol formula." Hopefully this makes sense and can make everyone more comfortable with our highly efficacious line of products.