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Why does my Arthur Andrew product smell?

To most, opening an enzyme or probiotic supplement for the first time is uneventful, while a small minority may notice an aroma that they find to be a little off-putting. Typically, an off-putting odor coming from anything that we consume immediately makes us think of spoiled or rotten food. However, it is important to realize that smell is different to every nose, and what may be off-putting to one may smell quite appetizing to another. For instance, one of my wife's favorite foods is french onion soup. One night, she ordered her usual appetizer and as soon as it came to the table it almost knocked me out of my chair from the stench of the Gruyere. What to her smelled delectable, reminded me more of something akin to unwashed feet.

I apologize for the tangent, so getting back to our products, why would they have an off-putting odor? Does that mean they have gone bad? The answer is a resounding no, and can be explained in how enzymes are made. Much like cheese, which to me (as noted above) smells like something that does not belong in one's mouth, enzymes are derived from a fermentation process. This process usually does not result in a smell that one would find pleasant, but is typically not overwhelming either. We have actually found that the fresher our products are, the more they "smell". But this smell can also vary from one lot to the next, as enzymes can have a varying odor in intensity and even notes from one lot to the next, much like making cheese or sauerkraut.

Ideally we would love to provide a product that smells and tastes like "imagine I inserted your favorite food here", but the reality is that we formulate our products with health benefits in mind, not taste or smell. The result can be a product that to some smells like food that has gone bad, but keep in mind this is only due to how the product is made. The very thing that makes you think of spoilage, is actually an indicator of it being fresh. So how can we help correct this if you are in the small minority that find the product a little stinky? Well my answer, as simple as it may sound... Don't smell it!