What is Cellulase?

Your cellulose-degrading enzyme.

ˈsel-yə-ˌlās , -ˌlāz

Cellulase is an enzyme that breaks down cellulose, a complex carbohydrate found in plant fibers. There are actually various forms of cellulases, and their activity is influenced by the pH of the environment around them, according to Current Opinion in Structural Biology.

As such, the cellulose-degrading ability of cellulase has been found to maintain optimal blood sugar levels, eliminate toxic chemicals, and hinder bacterial activity.

Let’s dive deeper into how this carb-digesting enzyme can benefit your health!

Blood Sugar Bliss

You may already know that low blood sugar can be just as dangerous as extremely high blood sugar, especially for diabetics, but that’s where cellulase takes a leading role. Cellulase actually breaks down cellulose (a complex carbohydrate found in plant fibers) into glucose, your body’s primary form of sugar used for energy.

Fun Fact: Most animals, including humans, do not produce cellulase naturally and are therefore unable to use most of the energy contained in plant material without supplementation of the enzyme.

Because glucose is released slowly from cellulose, it typically does not cause blood sugar to rise to unhealthy levels. Instead, it provides a consistent amount of energy for the body to use. In fact, according to information published in Diabetes Care, cellulase activity has been found to play a vital role in maintaining optimal energy-sustaining levels of blood sugar.

Cholesterol Controller

The benefits of cellulase go beyond glucose regulation. The remainder of the plant material that is not broken down into glucose actually becomes fiber. This fiber absorbs harmful substances and carries them out of the body in the form of stool. But that undigested fiber has a secondary benefit: it hinders the absorption of fats, including bad cholesterol.

In short, cellulase promotes well-being by breaking down cellulose into glucose to maintain healthy, consistent blood sugar levels while simultaneously reducing the absorption of bad cholesterol and other harmful substances.

Toxicity Take-out

One of the great benefits of enzymes is their ability to target specific detrimental organisms without harming the beneficial ones. And cellulase is no different!

In fact, cellulase has been found to facilitate the elimination of harmful microorganisms, free radicals, and toxic chemicals from cell membranes. This is important because cellulase activity actually boosts the strength and integrity of cell membranes, which improves your health.

Another perk of cellulase activity? This cellulose-degrading enzyme releases antioxidants from the fruits and vegetables you eat, further protecting your body from the damaging effects of free radicals.

Bacteria Buster

Not only can cellulase assist with eliminating toxins from cell membranes, it also has the power to disrupt the activity of some forms of bacteria. Here’s how!

It all begins with biofilms, a slimy layer formed by certain bacteria using high concentrations of cellulose. It just so happens that these slimy layers make the perfect shield for harmful bacteria to flourish, increasing the potential for health problems.

But cellulase is adept at targeting cellulose, which is what caused the sliminess in the first place! So the enzyme begins its task at breaking down the extra cellulose to eradicate the biofilms where bacteria freely multiply. The result is fewer harmful bacteria, which reduces the possibility of health issues.

In Summary

Cellulase has an amazing ability to break down cellulose, a complex carbohydrate found in plant fibers. In fact, this carb-consuming enzyme can actually break down cellulose into glucose to help sustain energy and maintain optimal blood sugar levels.

But that’s not all! Cellulase also facilitates the elimination of toxins – including free radicals, toxic chemicals, and microorganisms – to strengthen cell membranes and promote health.

Finally, cellulase targets and breaks down cellulose to thwart the production of biofilms where bacteria can multiply, reducing the likelihood that harmful bacteria will cause health problems.

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