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Counterfeit Products

Arthur Andrew Medical (AAM) has recently discovered multiple unauthorized accounts on selling counterfeit products using its brand name and trademarks. Due to AAM’s concerns about what could be inside these counterfeit containers, AAM is releasing this notice.  AAM identified these counterfeit products during routine brand control efforts. It initially identified  counterfeit products on by irregularities in the packaging of Neprinol®. AAM continued its investigation and most concerningly also found irregularities within the contents, including the contents within the capsules. Thus far, AAM has not yet identified counterfeit items being sold on any third-party platform other than, but continues to diligently monitor other sites.

When AAM identified numerous sellers confirmed to be selling counterfeit products claiming to be Neprinol®, AAM immediately notified, and the unauthorized and counterfeit listings were eventually removed. Unfortunately, these unscrupulous sellers have reposted counterfeit Neprinol® under other various seller names as AAM had their previous unauthorized counterfeiter listings removed.

AAM has identified and outlined multiple telltale differences between its authentic product and the counterfeit products being sold on

Consumers who have purchased an item from Ebay that contain any of the characteristics listed below should discontinue use immediately. Note: the counterfeit items may not be consistent from product listing to product listing.

Any ONE of these differences below should be of immediate concern

  • Use of the verbiage “New Look.” AAM has never used this verbiage on any of its product labels.
  • Labels of extremely poor quality, with no lamination and inks that smear. The current authentic Neprinol® label has been in use for several years with only minor changes since 2020. If a label in the seller’s listing image differs from the authentic label below, the item is likely counterfeit.
  • The label edges overlap. This is a tell-tale sign of a concerning product as authentic AAM Neprinol® labels do not overlap.
  • The corners of the label on the counterfeit products are square. AAM product labels have rounded corners.
  • The label states that the package contains “500 mg-90 capsules-Pharmaceutical Grade” on the front panel. AAM’s product label states only that it contains 90 capsules.
  • The counterfeit products include an AVA logo/icon, Non-GMO icon and GRAS icon. The AVA and Non-GMO icons are inconsistent with authentic AAM product, and Neprinol® does not utilize a GRAS icon.
  • The counterfeit product states that the product is “Manufactured For: Now Foods”. AAM is a separate and distinct company from Now Foods, and Now Foods does not manufacture nor distribute AAM’s products.
  • The counterfeit product states that the serving size is one capsule. Authentic Neprinol® has a serving size of two capsules.
  • The counterfeit product’s bottle size is 200cc with a 38mm neck. AAM’s bottle size for all 90 count products is 225cc with a 45mm neck. You can check the size of the bottle by looking at the bottom of the bottle.
  • The counterfeit bottles have no lot or date information on the label or bottle itself, nor does it have the appropriate barcode. All authentic Neprinol® will have a lot and date stamped on the bottom of the bottle.

As previously mentioned, the most concerning aspect of this counterfeit product is that AAM does not know what is in the capsules themselves. Upon inspection of a counterfeit item, AAM uncovered that:

  • The counterfeit products contain a small white capsule that appears to be a size 2. Authentic Neprinol® capsules are clear and size 0 (larger). The top capsule in the image is authentic Neprinol, while the bottom capsule is counterfeit.
  • Many of the capsules within the counterfeit product were completely empty, which is obscured by the capsule’s white coloring. The bottles AAM examined did not fully contain the listed 90 capsules.
  • The counterfeit product capsules that were filled contained an unknown white powder and in most cases did not completely fill the capsule itself. Authentic Neprinol® capsules contain a tan/beige-colored powder that is tightly packed within the capsule.

AAM is actively working to resolve this consumer safety threat and considers this matter its highest priority. Enforcement actions are being taken and the company is working within’s brand control systems to try to restrict all counterfeit sales imitating Neprinol® and that of any other AAM-branded products that are uncovered. AAM has not purchased products from every seller that appears on Ebay, and encourages consumers to carefully consider where they purchase their supplements.

“Consumer safety is and will always be our top priority. Our team will continue to work diligently to find the source of these counterfeit items and deter their sales on Ebay and any other 3rd party platform,” Aaron Gillam, President of Arthur Andrew Medical.

Consumers can continue to purchase authentic AAM products directly from AAM’s website at Authentic AAM products can also be purchased through authorized e-commerce retailers including,, and, among others.

In addition, consumers can also continue purchasing authentic AAM products from our trusted, authorized partner Netrush. Netrush is the only authorized seller on the Amazon platform

Customers with questions about authorized resellers should reach out directly to AAM customer service at or (800) 448-5015.


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