Fight Estrogen Dominance with Natural Progesterone

Topical bio-identical progesterone cream for optimal hormonal balance.

Estrogen is a key regulatory hormone that gets a lot of attention when it comes to womens health, but it’s progesterone that supports the proper balance of estrogen.

Maintaining healthy progesterone levels targets a common issue many women face—estrogen dominance. This type of hormonal imbalance develops when estrogen levels become abnormally high in relation to progesterone levels [1]. Women suffering from estrogen dominance may experience breast tenderness, endometriosis, abnormal uterine growths, and mood swings, among other issues [2].

Factors such as poor diet, certain contraceptives, or even genetics contribute to estrogen dominance, as some women's bodies naturally produce high levels of estrogen and low levels of progesterone [2]. Another important factor involves frequent exposure to estrogenic compounds such as bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates, and other additives that mimic estrogen, causing the levels of this hormone to increase [2-4].

Proferia is a topical bio-identical progesterone cream that offers a safe and beneficial way to:
  • Target estrogen dominance
  • Boost low progesterone levels
  • Rebalance excess estrogen production
  • Counter hormonal imbalances linked to the overexposure of estrogenic compounds (e.g., BPA)

The Problem with Estrogenic Compounds

Estrogenic compounds such as BPA and phthalates are used to make numerous products such as juice and water bottles, food and cosmetics containers, DVDs, CDs, eyeglass lenses, receipt paper, and even the lining of soda cans. The use of BPA and phthalates has not dramatically decreased over the years and these chemicals seep into food, beverages, and cosmetics, causing Americans to unintentionally consume roughly three pounds of plastic each year.
Due to its frequent use, women may be overexposed to estrogenic compounds on a daily basis, a problem that is associated with health-altering hormonal imbalances. This type of exposure can even lead to hormonal imbalances in men.

Proferia helps the body naturally restore a healthy balance of reproductive hormones for both men and women. In addition to promoting optimal estrogen levels, progesterone influences menstruation, breast tissue development, and the health of the inner lining of the uterus [5]. These processes are supported by the bio-identical progesterone in Proferia.


Bioidentical hormones are defined as compounds of a natural, plant-derived, and compounded nature that have the same molecular and chemical structure as hormones that are produced in the human body [6]. This means that the body recognizes the bioidentical progesterone in Proferia as if it was made by the body. In addition, topical supplementation with progesterone is beneficial because the skin readily absorbs hormone cream [5].

Using Proferia regularly helps support the growth of healthy breast tissue, which is a process that can become compromised due to excess estrogen [5,6]. Similarly, the use of topical bio-identical progesterone in Proferia can help target additional issues associated with estrogen dominance such as the irregular growth of uterine tissue or fibrous growths outside of the uterus [5,6].

Fibrovera is another exclusive product that helps the body maintain healthy hormone levels. The formula contains a natural blend of enzymes and botanicals that heighten the production of progesterone, while promoting estrogen balance.

Two key ingredients in Fibrovera that reinforce ideal hormone levels are diindolylmethane (DIM) and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). This is because DIM influences the metabolism of estrogen and DHEA enhances progesterone synthesis [7,8].

Together, Fibrovera and Proferia are beneficial alternatives to conventional approaches that are often recommended to women who are dealing with hormonal problems.

It is hard to avoid exposure to estrogenic compounds, as any person who eats food that is packaged in plastic, uses cosmetics, or takes certain medications may be overexposed to harmful molecules that mimic estrogen. Additionally, estrogenic compounds are now found in many oceans, municipal water supplies, and even in seafood.

Although exposure cannot always be avoided, products such as Proferia and Fibrovera help the body combat hormonal imbalances before they can lead to serious health issues, making them useful additions to a daily routine.

More information on these products can be found here.


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