No "Die Off"
Syntol includes specific yeast digesting enzymes that allow it to be a "gentle" yeast cleanse.
Healthy Fungal Levels
Contains potent spore forming bacteria like Bacillus subtilis and other probiotics that have been shown to maintain healthy fungal levels.
Protect Your Gut
Floraphage greatly improves Probiotic growth rates, making it very hard for unwanted organisms to flourish.
Enhance Any Probiotic
Whether you take our probiotic or someone elses, Floraphage increases the strenth of any formula on average 24X.
Normal Yeast Levels
Syntol KIDS may support normal levels of oral yeast.
Sensitive Skin
Probiotics are an excellent choice for those with skin challenges.
Know Your Gut
Discover the health of your gut microbiome with a simple and easy test of your microbiome’s health and diversity.
Observe Fungal Counts
One of the only gut microbiome tests available that includes various fungal levels such as Candida albicans.