Healthy Immune Function
A combination of probiotics, prebiotics, and systemic enzymes that supports optimal microbiome balance, which is our immune system’s first defense.
Healthy Fungal Levels
Contains potent spore forming bacteria like Bacillus subtilis and other probiotics that have been shown to maintain healthy fungal levels.
Travel With Ease
Floraphage protects the gut from occasional discomfort experienced from traveling and eating exotic foods.
Urinary Tract Support
Maintaining healthy microflora is essential for normal urinary tract health. Floraphage provides the tools to maintain a healthy bladder and urinary tract.
Optimal Immunity
Neprinol's blend provides the tools the body needs for basic immune function.*
Long Term Comfort
A potent blend of enzymes and cofactors that can support a normal inflammatory response to exertion.*
Know Your Gut
Discover the health of your gut microbiome with a simple and easy test of your microbiome’s health and diversity.
Optimal Immune Support
Included in your test results are actionable nutrition and lifestyle recommendations from registered nutritionists to maintain or improve your results.
Strong Healthy Kids
Keep kids happy and healthy with a great tasting, easy to take, InstaMelt probiotic formula.
Immune Support
Provides essential probiotics and vitamins like C and D3 to help support a strong and healthy immune system.