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My Gut Report - New Microbiome Testing


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (May 26, 2020)Arthur Andrew Medical has launched a new product called My Gut Report, a microbiome DNA testing kit that offers insight about the bacteria and fungi in the gut and provides actionable health recommendations based on the results, including diet, lifestyle and supplements.

“We are all starting a new normal and that means our health, and specifically our immune systems, are the highest priority right now,” said Dan Curtin, executive vice president of Arthur Andrew Medical. “Our gut houses 70 percent of the cells that make up our immune system. Things that many of us suffer from like allergies, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, mood disorders and dementia can all be related to gut issues. The gut performs important tasks in the body and for optimal immunity, it is critical that it performs seamlessly, which is why taking care of our gut is even more important right now.” 

My Gut Report is a scientific test that maps out the genetic sequences of the microbiomes living in the gut to assess improvements that can be made to optimize the gut and improve overall health. The diversity of the gut microbiome is the most significant factor in gut health, the greater the diversity, the better overall digestive health. My Gut Report identifies specific bacterial and fungal species and compares it to the diversity of a normal gut microbiome. This provides data that one can then use to make important lifestyle changes.

Results of My Gut Report include a gut health score that ranges from 1-10. The report will define the Phyla level of your gut, which is the bacteria and fungi present, and compare it to normal levels. Next, the report outlines the strain levels of each organism that is present and again, compares it to normal levels. The report further determines if each strain is beneficial, pathogenic or neutral. Lastly, the report includes personalized dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations from a team of microbiome-trained certified nutritionists.

Arthur Andrew Medical has partnered with BIOHM Testing, a lab affiliated with University Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio to test and analyze the data. Once the test is sent off to the lab, it takes four to six weeks for them to extract the DNA, copy it, prepare the sample for sequencing, sequence the DNA and translate the data into a personalized plan.

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